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FC 11 & Agoge Education Australia graduates enjoy a rewarding career in the sports industry but can also access university and higher education degree level programs.

Accreditation & Pathways

FC 11 & Agoge Education Australia graduates have access to further study through FC 11 and Agoge Education Australia and/or articulate into university programs or higher education providers. Vocational education and training through FC 11 and Agoge Education Australia can lead into university studies, opening the door to higher education. FC 11 & Agoge Education Australia qualifications can earn you credit towards a Degree at universities or higher education organisations across Australia. The amount of credit you receive will depend on the strength of your application to the university and meet their criteria for credit.

Each university has a different way to apply for credit. You’ll usually have to provide evidence of your qualification when you apply for entry or at enrolment. Check the process with your chosen university or institution. Even if credit transfer arrangements exist and you meet the criteria, your entry is not guaranteed so do your research prior to enrolling in a university program.

Credit Transfer

Demonstration of skills and knowledge means providing evidence or demonstrating the skills required to achieve a unit of competency. Universities may grant credit for:

> Formal study that takes place through a structured program of learning that leads to the full or partial achievement of an officially accredited qualification.

Examples: Study was undertaken with FC 11 or other vocational education providers and credentialed programs provided by recognised professional bodies, employers and other authorities.

> Non-formal learning that takes place through a structured program of learning but does not lead to an officially accredited qualification.

Example: Learning and training activities are undertaken in the workplace, voluntary sector or in community-based settings. This is your work experience or course based placement.

> Informal learning which is gained through work, social, family, hobby or leisure activities and experience. Informal learning is not organised or externally structured in terms of objectives, time or learning support.

FC 11 was a great learning experience on and off the field. This course has given me a lot more understanding of what jobs you can get through the industry of sport. The guest speakers we have had so far have been very interesting to see where they started and to see how they got to their current positions.
– Nicolas Dodson

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